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Participants in our Community Day Services program and Kennedy School program enjoy going outside to picnic, work on group projects and exercise on our walking track and sports court. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we’d like to add a 20’ x 40’ pavilion in the picnic area so participants are shielded from the sun as they work on craft projects or enjoy a snack together.

Research show that being outdoors has a significant and beneficial impact on physical and mental health. It promotes stronger immune systems, improved sleep, healthier weight, less muscle tension and slower heart rates. It also reduces anxiety and depression and fosters better focus, attention and higher self-esteem.

Won’t you help us Raise the Roof by donating to our pavilion project today? Our goal is to have the pavilion completed and in use by Spring 2023.

Participants share a rendering of the outdoor space St. Coletta's hopes to build. Funds are needed to complete the project.
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