Students of the St. Coletta’s Kennedy School are provided with course offerings that are aligned to the Illinois Common Core State Standards. The curriculum assigned is both age and developmentally appropriate.

St. Coletta's Kennedy School Elementary and Middle School Classrooms serve students ages 3-14. These classrooms are geared towards assessing the student’s behavior and providing appropriate lessons academically, socially, and behaviorally. The goal is to allow the student to learn in the least restrictive environment available while meeting their safety and individual needs. When students shift from elementary to middle school, the goal is to ensure a positive transition by understanding routine and continuing connections and associations made during elementary school. The focus will transition to promoting self-regulation, socialization, and independence. By increasing and familiarizing ourselves with these skills, the students are prepared for the next steps.

Programming for each student is aligned with their Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Curriculum is designed to encourage students to reach their highest level of independence while focusing on academic, social, and behavioral goals. Implementation of programs can be generalized across all environments of the student’s life.

Transition Town serves students ages 14-21. These transitional services are designed to allow the student to succeed in whatever areas of life they may choose after school. While they continue academic learning and therapy services as needed, new services and lessons are taught with a focus on life skills and job development. We offer training in retail services, resume writing, mock interviews, ServSafe Certification through our Culinary and Bakery Program, and laundry services. St. Coletta's Transition Town also partners with local businesses to bring the students on field trips and gain work experience while interacting with the general public. The variety of tools and unique programming allows for students to feel comfortable and ready for life after school.