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St. Coletta’s of Illinois now offers Self-Direction Assistant (SDA) services to families of intellectually disabled children and adults who choose to live at home rather than a residential care facility.

Our skilled professionals can help those eligible for Home-Based Services (HBS) arrange for, direct and manage services; manage paperwork; budget for personalized care and services; navigate end-of-life planning and care; and facilitate approval requests for adaptive equipment, assistive technology, home and vehicle modifications, temporary assistance and therapies.

SDA services are paid for using HBS waiver funds through the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) waiver program.

Families do not need to pay for the services out of pocket. For more information, please contact Kim Cappelletti, director of social services, at 708-342-5200 or

CDS participants assemble cardboard boxes on the workshop floor.

Our SDA services include:

  • Meeting with Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agencies for Discovery and/or Personal Plan

  • Assisting with Medicaid Spenddown forms (HFS-2653) and submissions

  • Assisting Employer of Record to complete their Implementation Strategy form

  • Providing information on and assisting with the hiring process of Personal Support Workers (PSWs)

  • Assisting or training on billing/timekeeping for the PSWs each month

  • Assisting with completing and updating Service Agreements for all waiver services

  • Assisting with managing the monthly budget

  • Sending Service Authorizations and PSW timesheets to ACES$

  • Working with providers and ACES$ as necessary to adjust bills that are incorrect

  • Assisting with communication and problem-solving strategies for PSWs hired directly by the individual/family

  • Providing training to individual, family, or PSW to update increase individual’s skill-acquisition

  • Assisting with prior approval request

  • Advocating (professional level staff), communicating and facilitating effectively with service provider

  • Providing medical advocacy

  • Assisting with refilling medication and/or linkage to pharmacy services

  • Assisting individual/family in acquiring needed medical supplies through insurance or other measures

  • Assisting with housing/landlord advocacy

  • Assisting with utilities, phone, cell phone, cable, internet acquisition and use, troubleshooting

  • Assisting with benefit and charity applications, energy assistance childcare subsidy applications, Lifeline, etc.

  • Assisting with employment/educational supports

  • Assisting with interaction with law enforcement and courts

  • Acquiring food, clothing and household needs when finances are low or absent

  • Computer, tablet acquisition and lessons to use technology safely

  • Acquiring free bus passes, gym memberships, tickets to and signing up for events, etc.

  • Providing IEP Advocacy

  • Assisting with end-of-life planning/care, pre-planning and arrangements for clients and/or loss of their family members

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