Adult Services are offered Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 2:30 PM at the Programs and Services Building in Tinley Park, Illinois. A variety of programs are offered to enhance each individual’s adaptive living skills, economic self-sufficiency, overall level of independence, and integration into the community.





Recreational therapy utilizes structured activities to develop and enhance one's adaptive living skills and economic self-sufficiency. Activities are designed to promote the acquisition of life-skills, encourage socially acceptable behavior, and create a greater level of independence.  This can include:  sensory integration, behavior shaping, enhance communication, development of fine and gross motor skills, grooming and hygiene training, toileting, safety awareness, and other personal developmental activities.

The Vocational Workshop is an in-house work opportunity for those who are best suited for employment in a highly supervised environment. Work projects are contracted from various businesses and distributed as "piece-work."  This means that instead of being responsible for the entire project, the participants complete the pieces they are able to and paid for the work completed. This affords an opportunity to still work and earn money for many adults who are unable to work in the community.





Supported Employment is designed to provide community-based employment opportunities. To prepare each adult for employment, an assessment of the individual is completed. Once assessed, they are assigned a job coach who will work with the candidate prior to employment and during the application, interviewing, and training process. The job coach will also help them find local job openings that match their skill level and interests, while also utilizing St. Coletta's established network of employers to increase opportunities. Once employed, the job coach will ensure reasonable accommodations are being made while still offering a challenge to engage the participant.

The Janitorial Program is a curriculum-based, 12-week program that provides both classroom instruction and hands-on experience. Once completed, the participant is able to apply for work within the community or apply to work internally with St. Coletta's custodial team.



  • Must be eighteen (18) years of age or older

  • Must have a documented disability that prevents competitive employment in an integrated community setting

  • Must have a valid social security number

  • Must have a valid state ID

  • Must be certified free of communicable diseases by an M.D.

  • Must have funding in place at the time of admission

  • Must have a physical in place suggesting that program participation will not jeopardize the individual’s health or well-being

  • Must have an interest in program participation 

  • Must have the skills and aptitude to benefit from the program

  • Must be able to obtain transportation or transport self to and from the program site

  • Must not possess behaviors that will interfere with the program or potentially present a risk to the individual or to others