St. Coletta’s Kennedy School is an Illinois State Board of Education approved, non-public, therapeutic day program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ages 3-21.

In the continuum of services for eligible students, federal and state laws allow programming options for students who may require exceptional educational and clinical intervention to meet their needs. Therapeutic day school programs, approved under Section 14-7.02 of the School Code, help serve and promote the continuation and improvement of Individualized Education Program services for these students with disabilities.

Typically, students placed in non-public programs have severe and complicated clinical and educational needs that may cause public school districts to refer their students to a therapeutic day school after exploring other public options. These placements can be short (i.e. one semester), or last for longer stretches (i.e. multiple years). 

Students are admitted to St. Coletta’s Kennedy School throughout the year without date restrictions. Our staff works year-round and is always available to discuss admissions with potential new students and their families.

If you would like more information on enrolling your child with St. Coletta’s Kennedy School please call (708) 342-5200 or email us at