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Help St. Coletta's of Illinois Raise the Roof

Dec 6, 2022

Fundraiser underway to build pavilion for outdoor activities

When the weather is nice, teachers and staff at St. Coletta’s of Illinois enjoy taking students and adult participants outside for a little exercise and group activities.

The non-profit, which serves more than 300 children and adults with developmental disabilities, has already installed a walking track and sports court for participants to enjoy. Now, they want to create a shaded area for participants to gather, participate in crafts and programs, and enjoy meals and snacks together.

“Research shows being outdoors has a significant and beneficial impact on physical and mental health,” said St. Coletta’s Executive Director Annette Skafgaard. “People who spend more time outdoors have stronger immune systems, improved sleep, healthier weight, less muscle tension and slower heart rates.

“They also experience less anxiety and depression and have better focus, attention and higher self-esteem,” she added. “When people spend time outdoors, they tend to build strong relationships with friends and in the community, with a calmer, more positive attitude.”

The non-profit, which operates a school and community day services program for adults in Tinley Park, is seeking donations to build a 20’ x 40’ pavilion adjacent to its track and sports court. The pavilion will be permanent, providing a much-needed shaded area for outdoor activities.

If you would like to contribute to the project or learn more about St. Coletta’s of Illinois, please click on the red Donate Now button at the top of this page or call 708-342-5200.

The goal is to have the pavilion completed and in use by Spring 2023.

Those who donate $1,250 or more by Dec. 15 will have their donation matched dollar for dollar by The Coleman Foundation.


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