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Culinary Arts Program

St. Coletta's Culinary Arts Program is a specialty training program

Culinary Arts students chop vegetables.
A culinary arts student chops vetables.

During the program, students will:
• Learn about nutrition and how to read food labels
• Work with professional kitchen equipment
• Receive front-of-house training in customer service, cashiering and busing tables
• Receive back-of-house training in dishwashing, food preparation and equipment cleaning
• Cultivate vegetables for a farm-to-table experience
• Learn to prepare everything from salads and entrees to desserts
• Work on creating professional portfolios to showcase their achievements to potential employers
• Practice their interview skills through mock interviews so they are prepared and confident if they decide to join the workforce after completing the Culinary Arts Program.

Not everyone who participates in St. Coletta’s Culinary Arts Program goes on to pursue a career in the food industry, but those who do have the advantage of being ServSafe certified.

The certification shows that an individual understands how to properly handle food and sanitize a workspace.

Many employers are more inclined to hire individuals with limited experience because of this certification.

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